Broad Strokes.
5 Days. 5 Themes. 5 Directors. 40 Comedic Micro-Shorts.
Come for the Fortunes. Stay for the Noir.
Take A Break With Broad Strokes.

Sapna Gandhi & Anisa Alamia met at LA-based film collective We Make Movies, where Gandhi is Editor-in-Chief & Alamia was a finalist in a film challenge. Inspired by comedic giants such as Tracy Ullman, Key & Peele & 5 Second Films, the duo set out to unveil a plethora of characters in various scenarios and comedic modalities with this micro-short daily series, BROAD STROKES.

The innovative launch rolled out fresh episodes based on daily themes:
Mondays = Pessimistic Fortune Cookies
Tuesdays = #smh
Wednesdays = Hump Day How-Tos
Thursdays = Dating Ambiguities and Other Atrocities
Fridays = Film Noir Fridays

BROAD STROKES boasts an impressive pool of talent from television, film and stage, in front of and behind the camera.  Although all 40 micro-shorts were edited by Ambika Leigh, to ensure a cohesive finesse to the project, Gandhi and Alamia handpicked five different directors to execute their vision for the five thematic days.

Mondays have a commercial stamp from Scott Kieffer Johnson, Tuesdays are infused with Rachel Grissom’s darker sensibility, and Wednesdays offer the more absurdist, broader style of Sam Mestman. The rest of the week is rounded out by Ambika Leigh’s insightful timing on Thursdays and Eric Michael Kochmer’s slick and stylized film noir gems. The project also includes award-winning cinematographers Sam Rosenthal and Patrick McGinley behind the camera as well as a bevy of guest stars.


British born, American bred, and of East Indian origin, Gandhi narrowly escaped her pre-med rite of passage, instead opting for English and Women’s Studies before going on to train at The American Conservatory Theatre in San Francisco. Her favorite stage roles include Harper in Angels In America, Prudence in Beyond Therapy, and Susan in Do You Want to Buy My Brain?  She wrote, produced, and starred (as an actor/singer/dancer) in the moody, mixed-media production of Terminally Female: A Cabaret, before migrating to Los Angeles, where she has enjoyed playing a slew of ethnically ambiguous characters on both stage and screen.

Her television credits include roles on AMERICAN HOUSEWIFE and  SCANDAL. She has made appearances in several indie films, including cult feature DUST UP, festival circuit darling POSEY, and most recently THUMPER (alongside Pablo Schreiber) and 20 WEEKS (alongside Amir Arison). As a content creator, Gandhi believes that storytelling can break boundaries, challenge norms, and help generate more roles for her outside the typecasting bubble. She is looking forward to redefining the term “short” with BROAD STROKES, and is currently developing a pilot (psychological thriller STAIN). She recently produced and starred in the feature ABOUT STRANGERS (in post) and short film BREAK (also in post) under the umbrella of nascent production company, Elegant Grotesque (formed with actor/writer/director Eric Michael Kochmer). She is also a martial artist, has studied ballet and Bollywood dance alike, and grew up speaking five languages.



Compared to Carol Burnett, Mary Tyler Moore, Sarah Silverman, Mary Louise Parker, and Julie Bowen, its clear that Anisa is phenomenal at comedy. She has studied with Doug Warhit on camera (cold read and scene study), improvisation through UCB, Monkey Butler Comedy, Carolyne Barry, and IO West, and has been accepted to Lesly Kahn’s Comedy Intensive, starting later this summer. You can find her almost weekly at AIA studios, showing off her talent to casting directors, agents, and managers, or in the audition room garnering callbacks and bookings. Previous writer/producer credits include the web series 30 Is Still 30 (shot by Kiko Suura & directed by Scott Kieffer Johnson) and comedic short, Deferred Pay Receptionist (shot on RED by Mike Roby) currently being reviewed through the NBC Shorts Festival. Recent credits have been the web series Office Problems with Brandon Buczek, a Lowe’s commercial, and Mack Truck industrial as a truck driver. Coming up, she  is in development on her comedy pilot.